Dear Foodie: My Greedy Boss

16 Aug

Dear Foodie

Dear Foodie:

I work for a high energy, high stress art gallery in NY, whose name I will not mention. It’s so busy at times we barely have time for lunch but every time there is a business lunch, dinner, or food anywhere, I am excited and famished. I’ll order a juicy burger or steak salad (my favorite), just salivating when I see it.  But before I can sink my teeth into anything my boss will pick off of my plate before I have my first taste. Mind you, he has already eaten!! At first, it was ok but after a year of working and giving him bite after bite I think I’m going to lose it. How do I get him to stop without risking my job and my sanity?


Starving Artist

Dear S.A:

What first comes to mind is I hope his hands were clean. What you have is a true dilemma, but it’s solvable. Usually bosses love to instruct and advise so use it to your advantage. Use a friend or yourself as an example and simply ask your boss for guidance on the issue. For instance, you can ask him… “If someone was consistently eating off of your plate and you wanted them to stop, how would you approach them professionally and respectfully?” this way your boss will give you advice based on the way he would like to be approached and if he is smart, he will get the hint too.

If that doesn’t work there is always the good old sneeze & cough technique. You simply fake sneeze and cough (make it loud and juicy) over your food, and you won’t have to worry about anyone touching your plate or you for that matter.

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