Bacon Candy

27 Aug

Written by Brandon Maya

Bacon Chocolate Bar

As I wait in the Union Square Whole Foods line I am thinking 2 things. One is how is this place just as packed at 11AM as it is at 6PM. Two, there is no way I am buying these $10 chocolate/ health food bars that they strategically place right beside the waiting aisle to lure you in. I said that to myself until I saw “IT”. Though “IT” was weird at first sight, initially unappealing and ridiculous, I could not turn away. Though I was Intrigued; I left Whole Foods without it. Then the more I thought about the salty, delicious taste of apple wood smoked bacon and the sweet rich taste of cocoa, “IT” became a morsel of the 2 greatest weaknesses of any sweet and salt tooth. So I said, “naaaah, still not gonna buy it.”

Well, that changed. I went on my weekly Whole Foods run and temptation possessed me. I thought to myself,Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar, I have to know your flavor. I reluctantly exchanged $12 for the 6 inch pig candy. I took my first bite, and was in an eccentric wonderland where breakfast and dessert met. Nostalgic childhood images of dragging bacon through a puddle of sweet syrup danced through my head. It was euphoria, where edible pigs ate organic chocolate truffles, and the world was a savory and sweeter place. Feeling benevolent from the chocolate bacon high, I shared half of my treat to a man that lived in Union Square Park. Though he didn’t feel as happy about the flavor as I did, Vosges mission to bring people together through the power of unique chocolate fare was accomplished in my experience.

How in the world did they know bacon would taste so fantastic in a chocolate bar?

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