Dear Foodie: Can a Meat Eater Love a Vegetarian?

15 Oct

Dear Foodie

Dear Foodie:

I eat meat and I met a woman who I really liked (still do). Her name is K!*@+#! and she is a vegetarian. I didn’t have an issue with her eating choices but after falling for her seven months later, she breaks up with me because she can’t take my diet. Is it me or are relationships doomed for vegetarians and non-vegetarians? Should I have stopped eating meat for love?


Meat versus Love

Dear M.V.L

Relationships are not doomed for vegetarians and carnivores. That’s like saying a Buddhist and Christian, or a Democrat and Republican can’t be together – look at Arnold and Maria. There are many companions with those dynamics, and it proves couples can have different lifestyles and maintain healthy relationships. So perhaps she’s just not that into you. Not to be harsh, but it’s better to know you can be a meat-eating Buddhist republican and be with a vegetarian Christian democrat than to change those things for someone who doesn’t really like you anyway.

If you’re fortunate enough to be with someone who gives you that intangible unexplainable spark, food preferences can’t destroy it. So don’t give up on your quest for love or your burger. Good Luck!



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