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Kimchi is the New Ketchup?

3 Dec

Written by Rina Oh

Nouvelle Hansik Cuisine 

Kimchi; “world-famous dish and is now considered to be one of the world’s top five health foods.”

Long before I experienced my first meal at Le Bernardin, I’ve spent countless hours researching their food while glaring at web photos. My mouth watered to try something new and exciting. I didn’t realize until I tasted their Kumomoto oysters, presented six different ways, that even Star Chefs like Eric Ripert were already on the band-wagon of popularizing Hansik.

The CEO and founder of International Culinary Center, Dorothy Hamilton recently met with South Korea First Lady Kim Yoon-ok on September 8th, 2010 during the “Culture 20 (C20) meeting which took place from Sep. 8-10”. The First Lady spoke about the nation’s campaign of globalizing and promoting the historic culinary traditions. Traditionally, Hansik is a celebratory feast mainly composed of cold foods. According to sources online “Hansik”, literally means “cold food,” and is based on a traditional Korean holiday. Now officials are calling the entire cusine of Korea Hansik and categorizing kimchi as the “essential side dish”. Continue reading