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Secret Society Invitation: Follow the Rabbit in the Moon

9 Dec

Greetings and thank you for accepting this invitation. I know the invite doesn’t explain much but if you follow these  simple detailed instructions, succulent appetizers, cultured conversations and rum cocktails await you.

Welcome to your first event with The Society.

crab croquette, the rabbit in the moon appetizer

You look brilliant, by the way. Bring your jacket; you’ll be taking a cool evening stroll through the village. Continue reading

Maialino: Danny Meyer Made My Ravioli

28 Nov

Written by Jason Greenberg

How do we define a good restaurant? Is it simply about the food or is it something else entirely? Is a great restaurant one that you can’t wait to come back to? Or one where you want to try everything on the menu? Or is about the overall experience?Danny Meyer’s restaurant empire is expanding to Kuwait, Miami, and possibly Boston (Shake Shack). Continue reading

Comfort Me, Franny’s Restaurant

28 Nov

Written by Anthony Ramos

As much as I love to cook at home I find dining out equally as enjoyable. Sharing food with friends and family at the communal table is comforting and rewarding. Our hip Park Slope friends invited us to meet them at Franny’s on Flatbush Ave for dinner. Continue reading

The French Culinary Institute Restaurant Review, L’Ecole.

28 Nov

Written by Anthony Ramos

With fond memories of my culinary alma matter, I stole away a Friday afternoon to have a cozy lunch at L’Ecole – the restaurant at The French Culinary Institute in SoHo. It was wonderful to be back in the neighborhood, but strange not to head straight to the kitchen, instead being led to a table for two. The restaurant was buzzing with activity as I imagined the kitchen was too. Continue reading

BK Review: Seared Jumbo Scallops, Swordfish Kebabs, Grilled Calamari

28 Nov

Written by Tracey Ceurvels

When you walk through the open doors to this ground-level restaurant you might think you’re somewhere far more exotic than Brooklyn. But with the buses, cars and taxis whizzing down Fulton Street, there is no mistaking that you’re in Fort Greene.Welcome to Aqualis Grill, Continue reading

Eat California: The Cottage Eatery Review

28 Nov

Written by Martine Boyer

Snugly nestled in the corner of a strip mall parking lot, the Cottage Eatery is a delectable reason to venture into tiny Tiburon, a small seaside town, in the Marin Headlands, no more than 15 minutes outside of San Francisco.Envisioning a cottage by the sea, the location was a disappointment quickly forgotten once we stepped inside the softly lit room. Run by Edward Carew and Jennifer Rebman, a husband and wife team, the year-old Cottage Eatery offers a stylish an inventive menu, created from locally sourced ingredients. 

We were welcomed warmly, seated immediately, and quickly charmed by our rustic surroundings. Our informal yet informed server turned out to be Chef Carew’s wife and partner, Jennifer.

What followed was a two-hour progression of ooh’s and aaah’s. Lightly marinated Monterey Bay sardines, quickly followed by braised tripe served piping hot. These were a delicious start to our eventual six course meal. Continue reading

Lucky No.7 Review

28 Nov

Written by Anthony Ramos

Each time we walk through the doors at No. 7 Restaurant we wonder to ourselves – why do we go any place else?The restaurant, perched right above the Lafayette subway station, is located at 7 Greene Ave in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. Continue reading