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Dear Foodie: I Messed Up My Holiday Dinner.

10 Nov

Dear Foodie

Dear Foodie:
2007 was the year of a disastrous Thanksgiving. I don’t know how I messed this up. I tried to fry a turkey and almost burned my terrace, I over cooked the green bean casserole and the only good but predictable item was a plain mashed potato dish. I am bored of traditional Thanksgiving food but scared to go exotic, in fear of burning my house down. Got any safe and unique Thanksgiving ideas?
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Macrobiotics, Simplified: 6 Keys to Life

16 Oct

Written by Andrea Scalici

In today’s over processed, under nourished, one-step, two-bite, quick and easy food world, it’s no wonder something like the Macrobiotic Diet seems strange and complicated. But the truth of the matter is that it’s the root of eating. Continue reading

Where the Chefs Eat!

15 Oct
Written by FCI Chefs and edited by the Eat Life Team
Wanna find New York restaurants with the tastiest food, best service and beautiful atmosphere? Ask a Chef…

Where Chef Dave Arnold Eats, The French Culinary Institute

Chef Dave Arnold
Favorite NY Restaurants:


Jean Georges, Ssam Bar and


Favorite Menu Items:

At WD-50, Jean Georges, and Taylor, always get their tasting menu because the chefs include what they think is their best culinary creation. At Ssam Bar get their pork buns, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS GET DESSERT WHERE EVER YOU GO!!

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Julia, The Secret Agent?!

9 Sep
Written by Brandon Maya

At the height of a surfboard and with the voice of a falsetto, she trots about the kitchen, gloriously spilling potatoes, charismatically decapitating lobster, and brilliantly attacking poultry. You soon find yourself caring less about the Coq au Vin, and becoming more captivated by her, Julia. And what a journey she had! A child from Pasadena, Ca. became Director of the O.S.S (now known as the C.I.A), and ultimately let love lead her to a passion for food. Continue reading