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Project 5: A Day with Andy and Eggs

28 Nov

Written by Zach Field

The French Culinary Institute’s Level 5 project is a taste what (F.C.I) students are made of. This project is for students in the classic culinary arts program (1 level away from graduation).

Eat Life’s Project 5 showcases select students so everyone can get a glimpse of the talent behind F.C.I’s kitchen doors. Introducing Zach Field’s level 5 project, A Day with Andy and Eggs.

Zach Field Recipe, Eat Life FCI
Pop Art is arguably one of the most revolutionary art movements of the twentieth century. Aiming to deflate and re-establish a societal order that had begun to sink in to lethargy, the work the leaders of this schoolwere able to generate were greeted, initially, with great aversion and their paintings seen as a malign to the medium. Continue reading