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A Fish to Die For

10 Dec

Written by Chad Fraley

Fugu Fish, Eat Life

We have all heard great stories about people staking their livelihoods at the poker table, but risking one’s life at dinner? What an interesting proposition… If you’re in the mood for gambling with seafood and betting your life, this is your dish. Fugu, Japanese for puffer fish, is the most dangerous food being served today and has been for centuries. It is considered a delicacy in the two countries that allow it to be served, Japan and the United States (as of 2003). Continue reading

Food History: Feast of the Seven Fish

10 Dec

Written by Andrea Scalici

In the Italian culture, there are a lot of traditions. Some make sense, some don’t, some can be explained, some can’t. We are so rooted in custom, often based around the Catholic religion, that most of the time the reasoning doesn’t even matter. Continue reading