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Lucky No.7 Review

28 Nov

Written by Anthony Ramos

Each time we walk through the doors at No. 7 Restaurant we wonder to ourselves – why do we go any place else?The restaurant, perched right above the Lafayette subway station, is located at 7 Greene Ave in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. Continue reading

If We Are What We Eat, We Are Corn

28 Nov

Written by Adam Wile

There are few questions we will face in life as often as the question “what’s for dinner?” While this may seem like the simplest of questions it is actually one that deserves far more time and consideration than we often give it. After all, how simple can the answer be when the local grocery store alone will provide us with nearly fifty thousand choices? Couple those fifty thousand with a myriad of fast food, delivery, dine in, take out,and street vendor options and it is amazing we ever choose what to eat at all. Indeed as Michael Pollan writes in his enlightening book on the food we eat, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, “ when you can eat just about anything nature has to offer deciding what to eat will inevitably stir anxiety.”

This is the essence of the omnivore’s dilemma. Nature has given humans the gift to eat almost anything. With increased globalization in recent decades it is now possible to get any food at any time of year. The problem now is that we are faced with so many options, we have stopped thinking not only about how what we are eating affects ourselves, but also the world we live in. Pollan, through three different meals he refers to as the Industrial, the Pastoral, and the Personal, examines where the food we are eating comes from and how it affects the world we live in. Continue reading

Julia, Bon Appetit!

10 Nov

Written by Brandon Maya

“I found myself staring at a fresh beef tongue, and I said to it, you ugly old thing, I’d like to fix you up!” Julia says on the French Chef. Continue reading

Meet Brandon

11 Aug

Brandon MayaBrandon graduated from The French Culinary Institute (FCI) and is the founder of Eat Life FCI. She also writes for Food Network’s Food2, cooks for Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events, and has a column on Saveur.com called Art of the Table.

Finding pleasure in farmers markets and eclectic dinnerware, Brandon fuses dining with decor. A Washington DC native with a background in interior design and marketing, Brandon’s love for artsy dinner parties, and simple approach to cooking motivated her to pursue the culinary arts in New York. You can find her combining interior décor with unfussy recipes to create an imaginative and tasteful setting.

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Meet Jeremy

10 Aug

jeremy hargroveJeremy was born and raised in Texas and moved to New York 2 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. Before this, he traveled the country doing large scale interior design projects. Jeremy runs marathons and looks for the spiciest foods he can eat, in his spare time. He attends the French Culinary institute and works for Epicurious.com.

Meet Andrea

9 Aug

andrea scalici, food writer - eat life fci

Andrea Scalici is a French Culinary graduate who joined the Eat Life Team as a writer and editor. When she isn’t cooking up her meatballs or cheesecake, she is experimenting with pastas at home. Andrea works for Hudson Yards Catering and for MLB.com in the multimedia department.

Meet Megan

8 Aug

Megan MooreMegan Moore graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 2001. After working for Slow Food, she accepted the opportunity to work in some of New York’s best restaurants, including Brasserie 8 ½ and 5 Ninth. For the past two years she has been a Private Chef. Her sweet tooth has made her an incredible Pastry Chef, and free-trade chocolate aficionado.

Meet Tom

7 Aug

Tom DeRosaTom DeRosa is a renowned stylist and French Culinary student. He joined Eat Life as a photo editor and stylist. As one of the most active members of his class, he is constantly challenging himself. When he’s not in the kitchen or at a photo shoot, he’s indulging in Valencia Paella.

Meet Chad

6 Aug

Chad FraleyChad Fraley is new to the culinary arts. A career changer, he worked in INTL. Shipping/Receiving for 5 years at Texas Instruments. Chad was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and loves chicken fried steak. He joined Eat Life as a writer. And has been in the Northeast since starting culinary school in June with his wife and English bulldog.

Meet Adam

5 Aug

Adam WileAdam, born and raised in Queens New York, is currently a FCI Culinary Arts student. He graduated SUNY Binghamton with a degree in Political Science, but like so many people at FCI, decided food was what he really wanted to do. While he has a reputation among his classmates for creating outrageous flavor combinations his true passion is local, sustainable, seasonal food prepared simply. He food writes for Eat Life!