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Julia, Bon Appetit!

10 Nov

Written by Brandon Maya

“I found myself staring at a fresh beef tongue, and I said to it, you ugly old thing, I’d like to fix you up!” Julia says on the French Chef. Continue reading

2 Love Affairs: Julia Child

16 Sep

Written by Brandon Johnson

Read Julia Part 1 here

Julia (Part 2)
Paul was a well-traveled OSS cartographer, an artist, and poet who spoke fluent French. In addition to Paul’s laudable credentials, he was a black belt in Judo to boot. But Julia was not impressed. Continue reading

Julia, The Secret Agent?!

9 Sep
Written by Brandon Maya

At the height of a surfboard and with the voice of a falsetto, she trots about the kitchen, gloriously spilling potatoes, charismatically decapitating lobster, and brilliantly attacking poultry. You soon find yourself caring less about the Coq au Vin, and becoming more captivated by her, Julia. And what a journey she had! A child from Pasadena, Ca. became Director of the O.S.S (now known as the C.I.A), and ultimately let love lead her to a passion for food. Continue reading