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All The Hype About Marlow & Sons

28 Nov

Written by Rebekah Peppler

81 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn 11211, (718) 384-1441
All the hype Marlow and Sons has been receiving these past few months is one reason to visit the Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based gourmet store-cum-restaurant. The other is their amazingly honest, down-to-earth food, which changes according to season and the availability from local producers.The oysters are guaranteed to be fresh and briny, plucked straight from icy east coast waters Continue reading

Palette Provocative

28 Nov

Written by Chad Fraley

With spring in the mail and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the conversation about aphrodisiacs is here again. There are many myths and stories about this ritual and serious research has gone into certain ingredients, but do they really heighten libido? or is it wishful thinking? Continue reading