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Grey Dresses & Mussels in White Wine

28 Nov

Written by Brandon MayaEntertaining Channel

Sharing is a tricky bird especially when EmilyRyan’s Spiral Pleats Dress is a one-off. She only made one and it’s @ Nope, I didn’t squirrel it away for myself, though my hand was uncontrollably twitching for my wallet. Continue reading

Rethink Bread: You Don’t Knead Dough

28 Nov

Written by Mei Chin


(Re)consider the loaf. This is what Jim Lahey asks us to do, over and over again, in his new book: My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method. Recipes based around his no-knead bread, first made famous in Mark Bittman’s “The Minimalist” column in The New York Times in 2006, Continue reading

How Coffee Was Discovered from a Bean

28 Nov

Written by Andrea Scalici

I don’t know if it’s my inquisitive nature or my obvious love of food but I often find myself pondering the origins of some of my favorite, can’t live without, treats. Like coffee for example; who would have thought that simply roasting some beans would turn into this amazing black elixir I couldn’t start my day without? And so began my quest to finally uncover such answers… Continue reading

Weird Food Customs, Reader Discretion Advised

28 Nov

Written by Andrea Scalici

In the Land of the Free where we eat what we please, it is hard to imagine using more of a product than the same ol’ thigh, breast, or wing. But all over the world, cutting up a fish or animal and using every single part is common practice. While the varieties run the gamut, I have broken it down so it’s easier to stomach. Blood, Brains, Body, and Booze. (Reader discretion advised…) Continue reading

Sex, Food and Photography.

28 Nov

Written and photographed by Rebekah Peppler
As you read, please enjoy my current fetishes throughout…
Giada, Nigella and Rachael are all doing it, heck even Thomas Keller is doing it. It glistens, it envelops, it’s like velvet on the tongue. Are we talking about the same thing here? Continue reading

Season Tasting: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

28 Nov
Written by Andrea Scalici

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Seasonal Eating…
What tastes like Spring
Vegetables like artichoke, spinach, kale, watercress, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, new potatoes, onion, rhubarb, bamboo shoots and asparagus, garnished with bountiful parsley. A great drink to enjoy outside, mojitos are back with fresh mint to wash down that big bowl of guacamole. We can also enjoy the beginnings of fruit harvests for strawberries, great to replace the end of blood oranges. On the protein side of things, nothing says Easter like Spring Lamb but it’s also great to fire up the pot for the last of the mussels or the incoming crabs. Now is also the time to experiment with grouse, and hare, or maybe some salty sardines. Continue reading

Hummus, Too Good for Hannibal

28 Nov

Written by Erin Merhar

Amidst 36°F weather at the end of March, I write this with wishful thoughts of blooming daffodils, jacket-less Sundays, Prosecco al fresco and picnics in the park… Spring is around the corner and with its sunshine it brings a gamut of refreshing ingredients.

Swap Jerusalem artichokes and for a buttery, tender baby artichoke. Go green with spring peas and asparagus. And as you open your closets for spring cleaning, pod a fava bean and explore the nutty, buttery tenderness of an old world tradition.

Continue reading

That’s Ketchup and Toast! Umm, Wait, You Sneaky Little…

28 Nov
Written and Photographed by Rebekah Peppler

This month brings about sunny days tinged with the chill of early spring, blooming cherry blossoms and lighthearted April fools. There is also the revival of color to the green markets, bustling and alive with the energy that only bright, fresh produce can bring after months of root vegetables and apple cider.

Rhubarb leads the pack of these new bright colors; the vibrant red to pale pink stalks of field-grown rhubarb fill baskets and bags, destined for kitchens all around the city. Many delicious pies, tarts and crisps will be made but why not have a bit more unconventional fun with rhubarb this year. Continue reading

Tulip Petals Taste Like Cucumbers

28 Nov
Written by Rebekah Peppler
Edible Flowers, Eat Life FCI

(2 Flower recipes included)
Ah… to add the taste of sweet, spice, mint, floral or citrus to a meal. To sprinkle flavor on top of a finished dish, tweaking the final result, enhancing that last dimension of texture, color and taste is divine. No, this isn’t a fanciful description of the virtues of freshly-cracked black pepper, fragrant Herbes de Provence or robust ground cumin. In fact, there’s no need to reach for the spice rack at all; simply reach for the flower pot Edible flowers of all varieties can be found in many innovative kitchens across the country, adding a touch of elegance and a surprising balance of texture, fragrance, color and flavor to many dishes, both sweet and savory. Continue reading

Palette Provocative

28 Nov

Written by Chad Fraley

With spring in the mail and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the conversation about aphrodisiacs is here again. There are many myths and stories about this ritual and serious research has gone into certain ingredients, but do they really heighten libido? or is it wishful thinking? Continue reading